ez2update Installer


Most of our ez2update clients use the software to provide a data update service (containing AEMO and/or TNSP data) to support their use of ez2view.  However a smaller number of clients use ez2update on its own as a stand-alone data feed for other purposes.

Licence Agreement

Please review this agreement, which will apply to your ez2update licence.

Installation Files

Version 5.5

In January 2020 we released a new version of ez2update for several reasons, including 2 main ones:

Reason 1)  Newer data sets

Beginning August 2019 we have been releasing new versions of ez2view that have utilised data newly available in AEMO’s MMS version 4.28.

Some of these newer versions are available under ‘Leading Edge’ and ‘Bleeding Edge’ here.

Reason 2)  Newer operating systems

As our clients progressively move onto newer operating systems (and off the older ones) we are able to upgrade the .NET framework to v4.8 in order to support these.

Installation instructions

Please use these instructions for installing either of the ez2update packages below.

Install Package v5.5

Please download the MSI Installer here.  To use this MSI you will require the .NET 4.8 Framework.

Release Notes v5.5

These Release Notes (ez2update v5.5) will help you through the installation process

Database Maintenance Scripts (Reaper) v19

You will need these scripts to maintain your database at a manageable size – without them your database will constantly grow until all sorts of problems arise… This file is zipped – you will need to extract the SQL script to run it.

This script is for MSSQL databases – if you need an Oracle script please Contact Us.