To deploy ez2view …

To use ez2view, you will need the ez2view software, and you may also need our ez2update data feed.

If you want to obtain data through our ez2update data feed, then you should install and configure the ez2update software before you install and configure ez2view.


You need ez2update if…

  • You have licensed TNSP data from us
  • You wish to obtain AEMO data from us


You do not need ez2update if…

  • You are only using AEMO data and you are going to configure ez2view to read this data from your own InfoServer database

You can get all of the software and documentation required to install ez2upate from the ez2update download page.

You will then need to download and install the ez2view desktop application. All the software and documentation you need can be downloaded from the ez2view download page.