Installed ez2view

Licensing the installed desktop application gives you access to a suite of visualisations of AEMO and other market data, designed to give you actionable insight.

You’re able to combine these visualisations (we call them Widgets) together over multiple Windows to build your Layout – to save, share with others, and recall later.

This is possible through our intuitive “Build your Own Dashboard” framework – which provides you the ability to configure your own displays utilises a rapidly growing number of Widgets (display elements) provided with the software.

Each widgets is either:

  • Installed with the software, and hence providing accessibility to your Local MMS; or
  • A web widget, sourced from the web – hence accessing data (and content more generally) over the internet.

The Installed Widgets access AEMO data from the “Focused MMS” you point the software at.  At the most basic level, there are two options that clients have to choose from in where to focus their installed copies of ez2view:

Data Access Option #1 = Registered wholesale market participants can point ez2view at their own “Private MMS” to provide visibility of the data therein – including the Private Data that AEMO publishes only to them in real time

Data Access Option #2 = For clients we have who are not registered market participants, they can point ez2view at a “Public MMS” which has the same structure as the Private MMS, just no Private Data.