ez2view 7.3.4 Release Notes

Region schematic widgets have been updated to include new stations

Image of updated SA Schematic widget

A number of new stations have been comissioned and a few decomissioned since we last updated the regional schematics. Each of the region schematics have been updated in ez2view v7.3.4 to include all of the stations currently generating in the NEM. Some of the station names have been shortened to ensure the names are still legible at smaller resolution.

Of particular note is the inclusion of Hornsdale Power Reserve with the new fuel type of Battery Storage.

We want your input …

With the number of new generation projects in the pipeline keeping the schematics up to date and fitting all of the stations in the available space is an ongoing problem for ez2view. We are working to enhance the region scematics to provide greater layout flexibility and configurability as well as making it easier to keep the schematics up to date.

If you would like to have your say and contribute to the new region schematic widget please contact us: feedback@global-roam.com.

Queensland Schematic Changes

  • Added – Kidston Energy Park
  • Added – Barcaldine Solar Farm
  • Removed – Collinsville

New South Wales Schematic Changes

  • Added – White Rock Energy Park
  • Added – Mugga Lane Solar Park
  • Removed – Wallerawang
  • Removed – Redbank
  • Removed – Warragamba

Victoria Schematic Changes

  • Added – Kiata Wind Farm
  • Added – Yaloak Wind Farm
  • Portfolio Update – Loy Yang B – Alinta Energy portfolio
  • Removed – Energy Brix
  • Removed – Anglesea

South Australia Schematic Changes

  • Added – Horsdale Wind Farm 2
  • Added – Horsdale Wind Farm 3
  • Added – Horsdale Power Reserve
  • Added – Horsdale Power Reserve (LOAD)
  • Added – Temporary Generation North
  • Added – Temporary Generation South
  • Removed – Playford
  • Removed – Northern

Tasmania Schematic Changes

  • Portfolio Update – Woolnorth Studland Bay / Bluff Point Wind Farm – Woolnorth Wind Farm portfolio
  • Portfolio Update – Musselroe Wind Farm – Woolnorth Wind Farm portfolio

Tell us what you think

We love to hear from our users! To hear from you what works and doesn’t work in ez2view is invaluable to us.

Image of the Feedback Icon

To make it even easier to provide feedback we have included a link in the top right corner of every widget.

Installing ez2view v7.3

Please refer to the Installation Checklist and the Upgrading to ez2view v7.x information pages before installing or upgrading the latest version of ez2view.

Access to new database tables required in ez2view v7.3

If you rely on ez2update database for your data feed you will need to upgrade to ez2update v5.4 before installing ez2view v7.3. For details on upgrading you ez2update installation go to the downloads page.

ez2view v7.3 requires access to the following MMS database tables:


If you run your own INFOSERVER please ensure that ez2view has access to the table in your database.

Oracle client drivers are embedded in the ez2view installation package

From v7.3.1 onwards the Oracle client drivers are included in the ez2view Australia installation package. Assuming you are running a standard Oracle environment, the ez2view Australia MSI is a complete installation package and will run against Oracle without any further driver installations.

If you need to continue using your native Oracle client drivers, please contact support for more information regarding your ez2view Australia installation: support@global-roam.com.

Demonstration Video

For those of you who haven’t made the jump to version 7, or if you are still finding your way around the increased flexibility in the latest version, we have created a demonstration video to help you get started. You can access the video using the password “grdemo”. Some of the new features in ez2view, such as “tear off tabs” and “docking”, are easier to understand once you have seen them in action.

Alternatively, information about what’s new in ez2view v7 is also available at Getting Started with ez2view v7.0.

If you are new to ez2view or have upgraded from an older version we welcome your feedback or if you have any questions or problems with ez2view, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help you.

Maintenance Items

In this release we have also fixed the following maintenance issues in ez2view:

[9865] Update the Bids & Offers widget so errors are not displayed on first load when there are gaps in bid data
[9864] Update the ez2view station details widget so that it can handle stations where there are multiple fuel types

Known Issues

[5009] The shipped “ez2view classic” layout contains widgets that are not supported in silver edition
[7749] The ez2view Constraint Equation widget – Plain english translation page incorrectly shows error while it is first loading
[7748] ez2view does not save the working layout when the application closes due to licence deactivation
[7753] Ensure the DEFCON service in the forecast convergence widget respects ez2view’s proxy settings
[7794] The ez2view installer leaves 2 entries in Add Remove Programs after an upgrade install