Interim build v7.4.5.197 (an “in development” build of the software) available for summer

Version 7.4.0 of ez2view was released in May 2018 (with enhancements described here).   That was 6 months ago.

Since that time, we have continued to build in a number of enhancements to the software.  These have been bundled into automated builds which have, on occasions, been provided directly to the specific clients who have requested these enhancements.

In doing this:
Task #1)  All builds that we have provided to clients have passed our automated test process; but
Task #2)  We have not invested the time to run (supplementary) manual test pass; and
Task #3)  Neither have we (yet) updated documentation in relation to these changes, such as the dedicated online help pages specific to the widgets that have been enhanced.

Both task #2 and task #3 will be completed before we bundle up the changes delivered for a formal upgrade to the software, which will be called version 7.5 – however it is likely to be some months more before we are ready to do this:

We’re happy to explain this in more detail to you if you give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064, but the short answer is that it’s because there are a number of enhancements not as fully functional as we would like them to be prior to release.  Stopping the development process to invest time in Task #2 and Task #3 at this point seems counterproductive, over the longer term.

However we realize that summer 2018-19 is upon us, and have been asked recently by a number of clients about a number of things.  Hence this interim note.

If you wanted to install and use v7.4.5.197 as the latest “in development” copy, you would be very welcome, and we would certainly appreciate any feedback you can provide on that basis.  However, please keep in mind that it has (deliberately) not had Task #2 and Task #3 completed yet.

The installer for ez2view v7.4.5.197 is here.

The installer for ez2view v7.4.5.200 is here (some further advances).

In the table below, we list some of the enhancements that have been completed since v7.4.0, and indicate some of what we (currently) would like to deliver before going through the process of releasing the next version:


Widget and/or Functionality What’s been done already
since v7.4.0.40 release
What’s still to be done
prior to v7.4.5 release
[Region] Schematics widgets These have been updated with all the new entrant power stations (and batteries) to Thursday 22nd November.

This is with the exception of Wemen Solar Farm, which we have noted that we missed.  Plus we note that there are others in Pre-Production.

There are still many more new projects at various stages of construction and commissioning:

1) As a user, you are already able to visualize data for new stations by opening the relevant Station Details/Dashboard widget and searching for the new power station (using the “in-widget” search, or searching in the “ez2view explorer”).  These widgets are dynamically populated so will be automatically available as soon as these new stations are Registered.

2) Prior to the v7.4.5 release (at least) one more update will be made to bring the Schematics up to date.

3) We are also exploring the introduction of other forms of (new) Widget that will help you in a number of ways, and work to alleviate these challenges. We’d be happy to discuss these one-on-one with you, in order to enable us to take account of your thoughts in these developments.

Station Dashboard” widgets In the upgrade to v7.4.0.40 we began the upgrading of the Station Details widget – which took the widget:

We are continuing this journey to move the widget more towards more of a dashboard in its own right, that would provide a high degree of clarity of key data relevant to a particular group of DUIDs.

Hence we will change the name of the widget:

  • from “Station Details” widget (more of an occasional drill-in);
  • to “Station Dashboard” widget.

In this September post on WattClarity (using a slightly earlier version), we include some images that show some of the enhancements of how the widget currently looks (specifically with the addition of the focused table on the right).

There are a number of other things that need to be completed before we will be happy to call this a final release.

They are too many to list here, but we would single out two in particular:

  1.  The table on the right required further enhancement to drive better clarity of why the dispatch outcome is what it is for that particular dispatch interval for that station (particularly in the number of cases where it is not intuitively obvious to the average user).
  2. There are optimizations that need to be done at the back end to ensure the widget loads as quickly as possible.

These action items are one of the internal motivations for us to kick off the development of our Generator Report Card 2018 (discussed here), which will be a spur to help us with the two points above.

Happy to discuss more with you, one-on-one.

“Station Meta Data” widgets When we released v7.4.0 the station meta data was still contained in the “Station Details Widget” as shown here.

This has since been separated onto its own discrete widget as part of the process of enhancing the widget, and expanding the widget into stations that are not yet fully registered with the AEMO.

The new “Station Meta Data” widget is being translated into a web widget, which will mean that it will be both:

  • Accessible to you online (as well as through the installed software); and also
  • Updated from a cloud based data store we are establishing to provide access to a range of meta data and other sparse data about these kinds of assets.  We’re calling this the “Generator Catalog”.

The establishment of the “Generator Catalog”, which you will gain access to as part of your licence to ez2view, is one of the other reasons to spur our development of our Generator Report Card 2018:

Happy to discuss more with you, one-on-one.

“Swim Lanes” widget We have enhanced this widget, at request from a particular client, to also incorporate display of Dispatch Availability for the (user-selected) list of DUIDs added to the dashboard.

This combines with the ability to visualise Dispatch Target (already in the widget) to afford a good view, including in P5 and P30, of private data in your Own MMS (i.e. for stations you can see).

There are other enhancements we are exploring at the request of clients.
“Trend Engine” widget As a web widget, this is accessible both within the installed ez2view, and also in ez2view online hereIt is still a widget that is under intensive development, hence the continuation “BETA” label.

As a web widget, enhancements are also available to you automatically, without you needing to re-install.

Enhancements to the “Trends Engine” since May have covered a diverse ground, but include the following:

#1)  We have expanded the range of data sets available (from AEMO, BOM, ASX and so on).  We’re currently up to 35,002 data series enroute to an envisaged 100,000. 

#2)  We have added other options for transformation of the data, based on requests we received from clients using the tool.

#3)  We have also further developed the method by which user-configured Trend Widgets (created in “Trend Engine”) can be embedded* on client’s websites.

*  on that note, we are keep to speak with clients who would like to work with us to further enhance this functionality and make it easier to use.

For a particular client, we are currently implementing a method for creating similar tabular styled dashboards.  For them, we are including dynamic (context-sensitive) colour coding.
“Notifications” Widget We noted that there have been a number of enhancements added to the Notification widget (i.e. alerts), including the following:

#1)  A user can now look into Marginal Value in predispatch on a (user-defined) filtered listing of constraints, with that same user-defined filter accessible across your organisation

#2)  Alerts, when evaluated true, can trigger emails to multiple parties if alarm rules are set

#3)  Alerts, when evaluated true, can loop audible alarms (WAV file, or spoken text) until acknowledged.  This was requested for use in Operations/Trading Control Room.

In v7.4.5.197 we have completed the interface work to link SMS, as an action, to an alarm triggering true.  There is much work that needs to be done at the back end to make this functional and this is not our current point of focus for the v7.5 release.

There are many more that could be added over time, depending on client priority.

AEMO’s updated PASA processes In May 2018, AEMO introduced changes to the data sets being published as a result of changing their PASA processes.

Within the web-based “Trend Engine” widget, we have provided access to some of the data sets that the AEMO are now publishing:
1a)  Calculated LOLP and USE in MT PASA
1b)  A greater range of ST PASA data has been made accessible; and
1c)  The PD PASA data has been added in

There is much more we can do, in ez2view, with respect to PASA.  Happy to discuss these options with you, one-on-one.

Note that the above is an incomplete listing (based primarily on memory at this point in time).  We will invest the time to complete a more comprehensive listing prior to the release of v7.4.5 as part of the “updating documentation” Task #3.

As always, we would appreciate your input on these (and any other) enhancements.  You can call us on +61 7 3368 4064.