Stations in Pre-Production added to ez2view v7.4.5.223 (interim build)

With the bow-wave of new generation developments coming onstream in the NEM (some of which were aggregated in this summary on WattClarity), we’ve updated ez2view.

You can download the installer for ez2view here

With respect to this installer, the following could be of interest:

(A)  About the installer

As noted here for the previous interim builds, users should be aware that this interim build has not completed the end-to-end process required for us to promote it as a major release.  Specifically:
Task #1)  All builds that we have provided to clients have passed our automated test process; but
Task #2)  We have not invested the time to run (supplementary) manual test passand
Task #3)  Neither have we (yet)updated documentation in relation to these changes, such as the dedicated online help pages specific to the widgets that have been enhanced.

Both task #2 and task #3 will be completed before we bundle up the changes delivered for a formal upgrade to the software, which will be called version 7.5 – however it is likely to be some months more before we are ready to do this:

We’re happy to explain this in more detail to you if you give us a call on +61 7 3368 4064, but the short answer is that it’s because there are a number of enhancements not as fully functional as we would like them to be prior to release.  Stopping the development process to invest time in Task #2 and Task #3 at this point seems counterproductive, over the longer term.

As before, this interim build (v7.2.4.223) provides you early access.  You are very welcome to use this, and we would certainly appreciate any feedback you can provide on that basis.  However, please keep in mind that it has (deliberately) not had Task #2 and Task #3 completed yet.

(B)  Stations in pre-production

Here’s a snapshot of the updated schematic for the Queensland region – small size, but click to open larger size:

We’ve added in a range of new stations:

  • Lilyvale Solar Farm
  • Clermont Solar Farm
  • Rugby Run Solar Farm
  • Oakey 1 Solar Farm
  • Oakey 2 Solar Farm
  • Coopers Gap Wind Farm and
  • Susan River Solar Farm

Also, here is a snapshot for South Australia showing the inclusion of both:

  • Tailem Bend Solar Farm, and
  • Lincoln Gap Wind Farm

More details about these power stations (along with hundreds of others) are being collected in the online “Generator Catalog”, which you will have access to as part of your licence to ez2view.

Remember that you can search directly in the “ez2view Explorer” to find widgets that pertain specifically to a power station of interest.  As noted here, the “Station Details Widget” is in part-way through a major upgrade that will make it a powerful dashboard widget in its own right.

(C)  Other methods of display

Give us a call (+61 7 3368 4064) to discuss other types of display widgets we’ll be introducing in 2019 to provide alternate views of data for DUIDs.